Weed Delivery Services: The 7 Levels of Being High

For newcomers, there is only one concern: What does getting high feel like? Everyone has a different story since smoking before breakfast differs from smoking after a big dinner. Cannabis strains affect differently. However, here are the seven high states.

First Level: It's Not That Strong, Dude

For newbies, this is the scariest step. You get the joint, take a puff, and the smoke burns your lungs but try to act cool by pretending you don't want to cough, but you fail anyway.It's Not That Strong, Dude

After that, you feel ripped off, don't understand why everyone is so invested, and think it's no big deal. Without realizing it, you'll be more animated, everything around you will seem brighter, say whatever comes to mind, and feel happy without any explanation.

Second Level: Into The Euphoria

The visual and auditory cues have arrived and made everything appear and sound better. A dramatic increase in your interest in the arts is guaranteed. Everything from the colors you see to the sounds you hear to the films you watch will have new meanings and inspire new ideas in you.

Now that more people seem attractive, interacting with them can be fun. These changes can help people feel more comfortable talking to each other, leading to great conversations and the sharing of ideas.

Third Level: What Is Life, Bro?

The questioning begins at this stage. You will reflect on life, love, and whether or not everything is relevant. Now is the time to consider your life goals and the steps necessary to make them a reality.

That is the time to consider your identity and what you want it to be. You're imaginative, and you follow through on your ideas and plans.

This frame of mind can be advantageous to you. Being aware of your ideas allows you to manage and apply them effectively. Some claim that this is when they discover their true calling in life.

Fourth Level: I'm The King of The World!

I'm The King of The World!You're probably at the point in your life where you think a lot about who you are and want to be. You can think outside the box and follow through on your plans and ideas. Right now is the time to start planning out your future and figuring out what it will take to make your dreams a reality.

This way of thinking can serve you well. Knowing you have thoughts allows you to control them and put them to good use. People often report this moment as the one where they discover their life's purpose.

That moment of calm, reflection, and anticipation. It's like reaching peak THC levels!

Five Level: I Feel Like I Haven't Eaten in Ages!

The most extreme part of getting high is having a ravenous appetite. The realization that it's been since morning that you last ate sends hunger pangs racing through your body. You're so hungry that you'd probably eat anything, from pizza and burgers to ice cream and chips to chicken.

There can be no complete cannabis experience without the "munchies" phase. The "munchies" are the overwhelming hunger that makes a person eat anything in sight. By morning, everything in your refrigerator will be gone.

Six Level: I'm Gonna Sit Here For a Minute

I'm Gonna Sit Here For a MinuteYou can still feel external stimuli while sitting in your chair. Your senses will be heightened, and your internal organ sounds may horrify you. You can hear and feel your heartbeat even when exhausted.

Time will seem to stand still as you stare off into the horizon, either lulling you to sleep or bringing you back to reality. Enjoying a Level 6 game is best done at home, with a distraction nearby.

Seven Level: Okay, I’m Gonna Sleep Now

Okay, we've reached the pinnacle of the many states of euphoria. At this stage, contentment and joy have fully set in. You've had enough and are eager to get back to your bed.

You may be tired or thirsty an hour after your first hit. A steady, high fall that leaves you dizzy but aware is best. If your "come-down" worsens, sleep.

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